Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring and Summer Registration

It is already time to start thinking about spring and summer registration. We start enrolling for both November 5th. The schedule should be available online by the end of October. Contact the counseling desk to set up an appointment at 832-7800.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Classes have Begun!

We are in the 2nd week of the Fall semester here at CVCC. I hope everyone had a great first week. Starting a new class can be a little scary and overwhelming even if this is not your first semester of college. To ensure a successful semester here are some tips recommended by Randall S. Hansen in his article "Your First Year of College: 25 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year and Beyond".

1. Be Organized. In college the professors will give you a syllabus with due dates for all of your assignments. They expect you to remember those due dates. and typically won't remind you. Be sure to get a planner or organizer and write down your test dates and when papers are due, that way you can see what is coming in the next couple of weeks and you can plan out when you will study for your tests or work on your papers.

2. Find the ideal place for you to study. It is important to know where you study the best. It may in your room at home, or away from home in the library. Usually a place that has very little distraction is best. Check out the study rooms in the library in Bedford Hall.

3. Go to Class. This may sound like a silly tip, but some professors don't have an attendance policy. It may be tempting some days to sleep in or skip a class because it is a beautiful day outside. Avoid this temptation, you can't learn the material if you aren't in class. Professors cover a lot of valuable information in class, they also change due dates and test dates and if you aren't there to receive this information you may find yourself in trouble.

4. Meet with your professors. Your professors have office hours, usually they are listed on the door of their office and in the syllabus, they want you to use them. The reason for the office hours is to meet with students, if you have questions about the material you are studying go see your professor.

5. Visit your Acadmic Advisor. Advisors are here for you to help you schedule courses, add or drop classes, and decide majors. If you need help with something and you are not sure where to go, come see us and we will answer your questions and if we can't answer them we will put you in contact with someone that can.